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Free Premium Accounts

Get free premium accounts of any online service so you can access it absolutely free. Shared accounts with username and password of the most important sites.

What is a Premium Account?

A premium account usually offers access to content or paid features on a website. These are often used by online streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, DAZN, Spotify and many more.

These accounts have an average price of US $ 10 per month and generally cannot be shared with friends or family; therefore, each user must pay to access the content.

However, in GratisContas, we are dedicated to sharing methods to obtain totally free premium accounts. Read our guides below for the necessary steps to follow.

In most cases, previously registered users receive various special privileges, such as an attempt to obtain new services or benefits before other members or the acquisition of preferential treatment at events organized by the site.

Types of sites with premium accounts

On the Internet, there are many websites where, not only by registering, you grant permissions to access various contents page, but also by paying a certain amount or meeting certain requirements, you can get a premium account.

They exist many different types of websites that have premium accounts and are divided into the following.

in software

In the field of applications, it can be found for some time that a user when purchasing this application finds a user and password that, once installed on his system, obtains extra content, as updates, notices, etc., by logging in with your account.

In most cases, the user does not need to pay a monthly fee, as with most premium services, but by shelling out its upfront price, this information is given away.

in video games

Where you can see a larger community of premium accounts is in the video game business, in most cases online games.

In them, the user who has a premium account can, once logged in, perform actions or use tools beyond the reach of a registered user without this permission.

In this environment, if the user who has a premium account needs to pay (usually every month, although there are products that offer quarterly or even annual payments) a sum of money to purchase this account or continue to benefit from it.

on webmail

Here you can find out that by paying one more fee per month, other registered users will be offered higher services, such as expanding our inbox capacity, expanding our email address book, etc.

In this field, two major companies in the world of web mail can be highlighted, such as Yahoo and Hotmail.

Hotmail offers premium subscribers byPortability to download emails directly to local machine using tools like Outlook Express or Thunderbird.

On file download services

Many Internet users use the network to perform searches related to downloads music, books, games, etc.

That's why we always look for files or documents related to these topics.

To make using the Internet much more comfortable, this can be made with a premium account of a file exchange and hosting system.

There are many benefits of getting a premium account on major file hosting sites.

A file hosting company allows users to upload their files and after that the files can be downloaded through a premium account.

These archive sites have a large database of different files, and content such as music, informational videos, e-books, and more have multiple files that can be Easily downloaded if you have a premium account.